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Breaking Down The Borders

Welcome to my blog guys :) I hope you enjoy what you find and don't be afraid to ask me anything!
A bit about me,
I'm a trainee Journalist, Freelance Photographer and Media Nut.
I love all things Disney,
I hate being controlled,
I have luminous red hair with a little fringe.
I smoke, I drink, I'm tattooed and I love Malibu and Coke. If you can't tell I am obsessed with Batman, My Chemical Romance, Dita Von Teese and Kat Von D. Deuce and Hollywood Undead amongst other legends <3 David Pepper <3 ENJOY! <3
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Alt Hair Universe: How to Dip Dye your hair Properly and Successfully - a guide →


I recently posted an opinion piece about mixing natural and unnatural dyes into your style. I personally have a dyed fringe and rock the longer locks as my natural(ish) colour, but celebrities such as Jessy J, Miley Cyrus (before the bleached pixie cut), Katy Perry and Nick Minaj have been…

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History of Halestorm


I knew my obsession with Halestorm would make it’s way onto the website so here it is! History of Halestorm! Read it by clicking the link below!


Anonymous asked: I think you're pretty. Like I saw that pic of you on twitter. Is that your bf in the background?


Lmao, I stole it from Twitter and yesh it is :3 Thanks. 

The only people who think I’m beautiful is my boyfriend and James Blunt